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    Public-Law & Private-law Matters: A Varied Range of Fields of Intervention

A multi-disciplinary approach

The firm, which has had a business law (and particularly commercial, insurance and transport law) orientation from its earliest days, opened itself up to other sectors in the 1990s, particularly in the public sector.

The diversification of its offer is the result of an observation: a good many clients want the firm that they trust to be capable of taking up a broader purview that goes beyond just one technical speciality.

Moreover, and economic actors know this: often serious problems arise at the crossover point between public law and private law.

The firm Deygas Perrachon and Partners therefore now offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the lawyer’s trade in order to optimally advise and defend the varied interests of its clients, companies and public bodies.

Its private law activity covers disputes regarding liability, insurance, transport, contracts and leases, companies in difficulty, and companies law. Real estate law, concluding sale or building contracts, and difficulties in their execution, also constitute a key part of the firm’s know-how.
In addition to these skills, the firm has special expertise in the area of insolvency proceedings, whether in terms of providing advice to companies in difficulty or to their potential buyers, and criminal law relating to economic affairs.

Furthermore, for fifteen or so years now, the firm has had a fruitful partnership agreement with the law firm Requet Chabanel, which is also in Lyon, and consists of specialists in tax, social and labour law.

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Fields of intervention in private law

Real estate law

  • Lease law
  • Construction
  • Drawing up contract and disputes
  • Town & country planning and the environment
  • Sales disputes
  • Pre-emptions and expropriations

Civil liability, insurance law


The law of companies in difficulty – Insolvency procedings

  • Consulting, support and representation of companies in difficulty, their CEOs and their directors
  • Consulting, support and representation of potential buyers of companies in difficulty
  • Consulting, support and representation of creditors of companies in difficulty
  • Disputes relating to companies in difficulty

Transport law


Company law

  • Disputes between directors
  • Disputes relating to company restructuring (transfers, contribution of assets, mergers, splits, guaranteeing assets and liabilities)
  • The liability of the company’s CEO

General commercial law

  • Recovery
  • Competition and distribution law
Avocats Référents

Criminal law

  • General criminal law
  • Criminal law applied to administrative authorities’ activities
  • Defence of elected representatives and public officials

Enforcement proceedings