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Charles CROZE

Charles CROZE

partner lawyer


A lawyer to the Lyon Bar since 2009, Charles CROZE is the holder of a Consulting Company Lawyer’s Diploma (DJCE) and a postgraduate diploma in Business and Tax law.


After gaining experience in a judicial representative’s office, Charles CROZE has assisted numerous entrepreneurs faced with crisis situations and the need to carry out voluntary or court-ordered restructuring or growth and development projects including the acquisition of companies in difficulty.

Charles CROZE has also assisted several of the company’s usual and essential partners, creditors, in difficult situations, helping them to carry through changes and transformations while at the same time maintaining confidence and legal security.

Finally, he has also developed significant expertise in the area of companies, organisations and human relations, being involved as a consultant and in litigation related to company law and social law.

He joined CARNOT AVOCATS as an associate lawyer in 2014.


Charles CROZE supports and assists companies operating in difficult economic fields faced with changes or technical and technological revolutions or accidents in individuals’ personal or professional lives, involving a need to resort to appropriate legal or judicial proceedings to deal with the difficulties encountered, or with the necessary restructuring work to be introduced, while at the same time protecting the entrepreneur and his or her staff.

He also works alongside thriving businesses in a wide range of fields (industry, services, technology, digital, etc.) which, benefiting from their acquired experience, are looking to support and acquire businesses in difficulty to enable them to benefit from their support and their strengths while continuing their own growth and development.

His knowledge of stakeholders in the field of companies in difficulties and his interest in social and human relations in the business law field have led him to advise and represent a number of institutional creditors in collective proceedings, for significant high-stakes cases attracting extensive media coverage.

Finally, his technical expertise has led numerous businesses’ partners (lessors, suppliers, bankers, leasing companies) to appoint him to advise them during the negotiation or renegotiation of their current or future relationships with the company in difficulty, but also regarding the formal definition and confirmation of these relationships.

Other than the area of companies in difficulty, Charles CROZE is also regularly involved in supporting the creation of economic projects and in any disputes which may arise, with particular expertise in company and social law.


A higher education supervisor in Law since 2009, Charles Croze works with students in the legal disciplines or trainee lawyers in the Faculty of Law at Jean Moulin Lyon III University, on the different Masters in Business Law courses and particularly the Masters in the Administration and Liquidation of Companies in Difficulty, which trains future specialists in companies in difficulty, at the Ecole des Avocats de la Région Rhône Alpes (EDARA - Rhône Alps Lawyers’ School).

He is regularly involved in official events related to the local economy, including colloquiums for companies in difficulty, working with clients on topical subjects, legal intelligence matters or providing traditional training. He is a member of the IFPPC (French Institute for practitioners of collective proceedings).