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Why choose carnot avocats?

Because the sheer diversity of the legal profession and our acquired experience have made us naturally curious and shown us the value of synthesis and supervision.

Because we believe that offering litigation and consultancy services on a separate, fragmented basis is an unnecessary cost for clients, who need strategic support and someone to defend them, all of which we offer.

CARNOTS AVOCATS’ teams support a group specialising in the restoration of historical monuments and a group specialising in eco-tourism, both operating at a national level, to assist them with their projects and their dealings with public bodies (co-contractors) and private ones (competitors, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.)

We have worked on the following cases:


    CARNOT AVOCATS’ teams have helped a listed British company, the UK leader in the distribution of subscriptions for Internet access via satellite, which had no activities in France, to acquire four French companies carrying out similar activities, all of which were in difficulty. On this occasion, the law firm provided advice and information to these successful and fast-growing foreign entrepreneurs concerning the different aspects of the regulations applicable to companies in difficulty. The British company acquired these four businesses in 18 months, and now has a solid base in France from which to continue its growth.


    For 10 years, CARNOT AVOCATS’ teams supported the manager of a travel agency group whose companies had been forced into insolvency due to international events which had hit its business hard. The support initially concerned the choice and implementation of procedures best suited to the companies’ situations, which ended with sales to a competitor. Next, the law firm assisted the manager concerning the activation of undertakings with respect to sureties by which it was bound and obtained the cancellation of part of these undertakings. The assistance then concerned legal proceedings initiated against the manager, which ended with an acquittal.


    CARNOT AVOCATS’ teams provided support for a major association involved in home help and personal assistance, which had a large number of employees, helping it to manage its difficulties through insolvency proceedings, the outcome of which was to be the disposal of its various sites. The difficulties were considerable: a loss of confidence on the part of the staff in their manager, cash flow problems, lack of support from public partner organisations in this area of activity and the need for the association to rapidly dispose of 8 separate sites. All of the sites were disposed of and 90% of the employees’ jobs were saved.

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