Our legal and strategic expertise for the benefit of stakeholders in the urban projects, public works and real estate sectors

Urban Projects, Public Works and Real Estate section



Who’s it for ?

Local authorities and public establishments




Entrepreneurs in the building and construction sector

Architects and experts


What does it involve ?

Anticipating and avoiding risks

  • Analysing the legality of regulatory measures and the adaptation to projects (municipal housing plans, local housing plans, urban mobility plans, winegrowing activity zones, risk prevention plans, etc.),
  • Administrative actions and procedures to be implemented after the risk assessment,
  • Auditing of urban planning authorisations (construction permits, planning permission, land division),
  • Auditing liability risks in the case of illegal administrative acts or a failure to comply with the authorisations granted,
  • Assisting contracting authorities
  • Support with the drafting of private or public construction contracts,
  • Analysing leases (commercial, professional, agricultural, perpetual) on both the landlord and tenant’s side,
  • Actions and procedures to be implemented during the lifetime of the lease,
  • Compliance with regulations with regard to diagnostics,
  • Supporting the introduction and implementation of procedures for the awarding of private or public contracts

Managing change and overcoming crises

  • Actions and formalities to be undertaken in the case of disputed cancellation or the withdrawal of urban planning authorisations,
  • Assistance with advice and strategy in the case of the disputed cancellation of an urban planning scheme,
  • Help with the processing of complex or contentious urban planning authorisations,
  • Providing advice and drafting documents for the preparation, revision and modification of urban planning documents,
  • Providing advice and drafting documents for the preparation, revision and modification of urban planning documents,
  • Managing and resolving land or neighbourhood-related difficulties during the project management process,
  • Developing the contractual processes needed to satisfactorily complete projects,
  • Supporting the immediate management of construction-related incidents (accidents, substandard workmanship, the abandonment of construction sites),
  • Support with the formalities to be undertaken immediately in the event of unpaid bills, rent increases, incidents or the non-observance of contractual clauses concerning leases,


  • Assistance with the prior formalities if irregularities have been noted in the awarding of a public contract,
  • Support in the event that a bid is rejected, or with difficulties concerning the performance or early cancellation of public contracts
  • Overall support with future-centric urban and real estate projects (smart city),
  • Assistance with voluntary or court-ordered assessment operations.


Attenuating and resolving difficulties

  • Support with operational urban planning litigation or regulatory litigation before the administrative courts,
  • Support in civil and criminal disputes related to urban planning,
  • Help in finding voluntary solutions through reasoned negotiation techniques or mediation,
  • Support with administrative or civil litigation concerning civil or administrative construction contracts,
  • Support with civil litigation (combined court, judge with responsibility for commercial leases) concerning leases.


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