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Pôle Vie Economique et Innovation / Pour Qui ? en

Who’s it for ?




Project initiators


Board members and legal representatives


Pôle Vie Economique et Innovation / Quoi ? en

What does it involve ?

Anticipating and avoiding risks

  • Advice and support in the choice of a form of legal organisation suited to the envisaged or existing business project, whether in the private or public sphere,
  • Analysis, revision and drafting of public or private contracts in a national and international context,
  • Planning insurance for an envisaged or current activity,
  • Advice and support with the social organisation of human resources,
  • Advice and assessments concerning the company’s financial situation with a view to the implementation of proceedings,
  • Advice and support in protecting ideas, know-how, concepts and innovations with a view to taking appropriate measures to protect them,
  • Compliance,
  • Advice and assistance concerning the shareholder’s or manager’s personal situation,

Managing change and overcoming crises

  • Assistance with the planning and implementation of strategies and solutions in the case of changing contexts or regulations, market changes or life changes,
  • Advice and support with the immediate management of conflict situations, incidents or claims concerning business or personal issues,
  • Prevention and handling of difficulties encountered by companies, through support, advice and the implementation of suitable voluntary or judicial proceedings,

Attenuating and resolving difficulties

  • Support in civil and business litigation,
  • Support in social litigation,
  • Support in criminal litigation


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