Our legal and strategic expertise for the benefit of stakeholders in the Health and Research sectors

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PÔLE SANTÉ  / Pour Qui ? en

Who’s it for?

Fire and emergency departments
Holders of police powers in the deployment of emergency resources
Emergency services
General practitioners
Entrepreneurs in the health sector

PÔLE SANTÉ / Quoi ? en

What does it involve?

Anticipating and avoiding risks

  • Analysing civil, criminal, administrative or ordinary liability risks inherent to the activity pursued
  • Supporting the organisation of activities to avoid, anticipate and reduce liability risks,
  • Analysing and auditing ethical compliance,
  • Support with the strategy of risk prevention through insurance,
  • Ensuring the compliance of private or public contracts signed in the medical sector,
  • Providing advice and support in the creation of legal systems for the organisation and performance of medical activities by public or private stakeholders,

Supporting organisation and management of human resources, taking account of the specific characteristics of the legislation governing the activity, the introduction of procedures and protocols to guarantee legal and regulatory compliance, analysis and revision of contracts

Managing change and overcoming crises

  • Providing support and advice with the creation of new ways of practising medical activities (tele-consultations, the use of new technologies),
  • Providing support and advice with the immediate handling of claims, incidents and accidents,
  • Providing human and organisational support to manage tension with plaintiffs or within the teams

Attenuating and resolving difficulties

  • Support with ordinary and/or disciplinary litigation,
  • Support with administrative or civil liability litigation,
  • Support with criminal litigation,
  • Support with alternative dispute resolution methods, mediation and conciliation.


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