Our legal and strategic expertise for the benefit of stakeholders in the industrial, transport and logistics sectors

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Who’s it for?

Newly-created or expanding companies operating in the transport and logistics sector.

Hauliers and their insurers.

Freight forwarders.

Approved customs brokers.


What does it involve?

Anticipating and avoiding risks

  • Analysing liability risks arising from the activity being performed,
  • Support with the organisation of activities to avoid, anticipate and reduce liability risks,
  • Auditing and/or drafting contractual documentation (standard contracts, general terms and conditions, insurance policies),
  • Supporting the implementation of internal procedures to avoid, limit and manage the consequences of a risk or incident,
  • Auditing insurance policies,
  • Analysing the regulatory compliance of the activity (transport capacity for example) and support with ensuring compliance,
  • Supporting the organisational management of human resources, taking account of the specific characteristics of the activity, introducing procedures to guarantee legal and regulatory compliance, analysis and revision of contracts of employment, etc.,

Managing change and overcoming crises

  • Actions and formalities to be implemented in the event of incidents, delays or damage,


Supporting the process of analysing legal and regulatory compliance related to the use of new technologies to develop and optimise logistics and transport services,



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