Our legal and strategic expertise for the benefit of local authorities and their staff

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Who’s it for ?

Local authorities

Central and decentralised administrations

Public establishments and equity joint ventures

Private organisations managing public services or holders of public contracts

Permanent or contractual staff

Departmental managers, particularly in the fields of human resources and occupational health


What does it involve ?

Anticipating and avoiding risks

  • Assistance and advice for local authorities and administrative bodies with their transformation processes and the incorporation of new skills,
  • Support with the strategies for deploying service concessions and/or awarding public contracts,
  • Auditing the legal, regulatory and contractual compliance regarding the status of state, regional or hospital public service staff,
  • Analysing the compliance of labour relations and of agreements and contracts concerning labour law,
  • Support with the organisation and structuring of civil security services,
  • Support with the deployment of assistance solutions for the protection of staff members, for the benefit of staff or elected representatives.

Managing change and overcoming crises

  • Helping local authorities to plan and implement new services,
  • Assistance and support with the planning and implementation of new public/private partnerships and the introduction of suitably adapted contractual solutions, contracts and delegations.
  • Support for public bodies with the creation of new public, private or combined structures to handle certain missions,
  • Managing situations which fall within the scope of both employment law and public service law,
  • Supporting local authorities and services with crisis management (strikes, accidents, political difficulties),
  • Advice and support concerning conflict management, claims or incidents, for local authorities and/or their staff.

Attenuating and resolving difficulties

  • Support with civil or administrative litigation cases regarding liability,
  • Support with criminal litigation for local authorities, elected representatives and/or staff, in the capacity of either victim or accused,
  • Tailored support in staff protection cases,
  • Support in specific proceedings related to public procurement both in full and summary proceedings before the administrative or judicial courts.


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