Environmental law

Droit de l’environnement

A booming legal field


Environmental law is obviously a very fundamental subject in the current period.
There are more and more legal provisions in this area. It also permeates many other legal areas. This is a particularly dense and evolving right.

CARNOT AVOCATS has fully invested in this area, which is now inevitable, given its interactions with the historical areas of expertise of our structure, including town planning law.
Our structure thus intervenes in advice and litigation (before all jurisdictions) in environmental law.

The versatility of CARNOT AVOCATS, practicing in both public and private law, allows it to strengthen its activity in environmental law, which is precisely a mixed law.


Real expertise on the legal regimes specific to environmental law


Environmental law has led to the creation of specific legal regimes to combine the various interests involved.

Thus, CARNOT AVOCATS is used to acting as counsel or in litigation on matters relating to installations classified for the protection of the environment (ICPE); installations, works, works and activities in the field of water (IOTA); inert waste storage facilities (ISDI); and of course environmental permits.

Our structure also supports its clients on the various legal subjects concerning the various physical environments, natural spaces, pollution risks and nuisances, animals and plants.

In addition, our structure intervenes on crucial subjects of public participation in political decisions, in the different forms of its expression, as well as on subjects of the right to information, a fundamental element in recent democratic developments.

The CARNOT AVOCATS firm assists a varied clientele throughout the national territory: local authorities of all sizes, companies in the sector, individuals. This richness allows him to grasp the issues specific to each.
We advise this varied clientele on all these subjects and ensure the defense of their interests in litigation.
The leading lawyer in this area is Florestan ARNAUD.


Awareness of the issues in this field


Overall, CARNOT AVOCATS is fully involved in environmental law, where it is constantly training to evolve with these issues, in order to provide a precise and adequate legal response to these issues.
This approach also allows it to integrate these elements into all of its interventions, with a view to providing legal security for its clients.

We are therefore particularly careful to provide human support that is in line with the real interests of our clients.

Our referral lawyers in this area

Florestan ARNAUD


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