Responsabilité administrative

Cross-functional knowledge of accountability mechanisms


Thanks to a clientele mainly made up of major public authorities in the Lyon and Rhône-Alpes region, but also key players in the insurance sector, CARNOT AVOCATS covers a wide area of intervention in the area of both administrative and than civil, including criminal liability.

Its fields of activity are therefore extremely varied and allow a cross-cutting approach to issues related to responsibility.

For local authorities, CARNOT AVOCATS has developed its expertise in administrative liability by intervening very frequently in disputes concerning, in particular, damage to public works, damage caused by road maintenance or damage caused to the public domain.

However, the intervention of CARNOT AVOCATS is not limited to the field of administrative liability since it also extends to disputes concerning the management of the private domain of local authorities according to the mechanisms of civil liability arising from the jurisdiction of the judicial court. .

Finally, CARNOT AVOCATS can also intervene before the criminal courts to assist local authorities wishing to bring a civil action, in particular following urban planning offenses or in the event of damage to their property.

For companies and individuals, CARNOT AVOCATS is also experienced in various liability actions: from classic civil liability to more specific liability assumptions such as that relating to traffic accidents.


A detailed risk assessment


Our era is marked by two important movements: the increase in the activity of the various economic actors, both public and private, and the strengthening of the rules applicable to everyone.
This is how each activity can lead to a liability action.

In this context, CARNOT AVOCATS has developed a detailed assessment of the risks associated with the activity of these partners and clients and is able to assist them at different stages of their activities.

First of all, CARNOT AVOCATS is able to advise its clients on the risks envisaged before a decision or the start of a project in order to avoid the horrors of legal proceedings.
Then, CARNOT AVOCATS advises them after the realization of the risk and makes every effort to avoid legal proceedings which would be detrimental to the interests of its clients both in terms of unfavorable results and in terms of image.
Finally, the expertise of CARNOT AVOCATS obviously concerns litigation proceedings.


Fast and complete interactions at the service of the action of its customers


CARNOT AVOCATS is committed to its clients to respond quickly and fully to their questions and can also set up training sessions for their staff.
The firm makes it a point of honor to work with the objective of rigorous discretion so that the image of its clients is preserved as much as possible.

The confidentiality of the exchanges perfectly meets the requirements of our time by allowing a healthy and serene reflection.

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