Public contracts

Contrats publics

35 years of experience in drafting and anticipating contractual situations


Intervention in public contracts is an activity that CARNOT AVOCATS masters. A matter in perpetual motion, it is essential in the life of both public figures and the entrepreneurs and economic players that CARNOT AVOCATS supports.

The formation of a public contract, in its variety, requires a close exchange with its interlocutor to determine its need, assess the risks, know the specificities of its business and anticipate the needs over time so that the contract can live effectively throughout its duration.

Since its creation, the CARNOT AVOCATS team has been able to develop mastery of the various existing contractual arrangements in order to carry out its clients’ projects. The team has thus acquired a solid legal technique to draft all public contracts; and there are many of them because the subject has been able to expand with the development of the skills of local authorities.

The team of lawyers was then able to intervene in the context of the drafting of public contracts, public service delegations/concessions in various fields such as school catering, early childhood, ski areas, etc. or even in the drafting of a domain agreement.


The matter of public contracts is not limited to the drafting of the contract


The CARNOT AVOCATS team supports its contacts during all phases of the contract: upstream to define the need, choose the appropriate and secure contract, the appropriate procedure. But not only because it is also at their side when conflicts arise during the award procedure (pre-contractual summary, contractual summary) or during its execution. The procedures can have very different objects with the recourse in dispute of validity of the contract or that for the resumption of the contractual relations.
During the term of the contract, financial or performance issues (contractual liability) may arise and the CARNOT AVOCATS team supports the contracting authorities/entities, the project managers or contractors.

Thus, the team of Serge DEYGAS, Jean-Bernard PROUVEZ and Florestan ARNAUD will be able to support you in advice and litigation by using all the legal techniques they have acquired.


A shared experience
Anxious to transmit and maintain their knowledge, the CARNOT AVOCATS team provides its clients with training adapted to their needs. On the program, sharing of experience and reciprocal enrichment. The Firm will be able to create a training adapted and personalized to your needs.


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