Structuring of services and administrative organization

Structuration et organisation administrative

An evolving complex legal environment


Administrative structures are obviously open to modernity and change. Their management and governance are changing with a strong maintenance of the particularities linked to public service missions and the pursuit of the general interest. The legal environment is therefore modified. It responds to changes in skills, the challenges of decentralization, the requirements of a world of work, including the public, that is undergoing profound changes. Outsourcing, takeover, succession of service providers on public contracts or on delegations of public services, competition, creation of new structures, or even recourse to foundations, no answer is automatically imposed and the law must be adapt to the projects pursued and the teams that implement them.

The firm CARNOT AVOCATS offers solutions for reflection and support in terms of engineering structures and administrative organization.


Support adapted to the situation of the administrative organization to be changed: from the identification of points of vigilance or improvement to the recommendation of a secure solution


Before any recommendation on the evolution of a service or an administrative organization, it is necessary to know its origin and history. The firm CARNOT AVOCATS listens to its clients to understand their diagnosis and their needs, to analyze the order and its context to then make possible an effective mobilization of legal tools.
CARNOT AVOCATS then provides a detailed analysis of possible legal solutions with an assessment of the various options presented. CARNOT AVOCATS strives to assess, as objectively as possible, the degree of legal certainty of each of the options presented in order to secure the desired organizational development as much as possible.

Naturally, the change of an administrative structure cannot proceed from an engineering devoid of humanity, it necessarily impacts men and women, agents and actors of the public service. Here again, CARNOT AVOCATS supports and anticipates for its clients the risks associated with the new administrative organization with regard to human resources issues.

Simply, CARNOT AVOCATS strives with its clients to anticipate legal risks so that the recommended solution achieves its goal; improve the organizational functioning of the administration and the management of public service missions essential to the community.


Support for changes in the procedures for carrying out public service missions: use and termination of public contracts or public service delegations


Through the expertise acquired in public restructuring, the firm CARNOT AVOCATS supports local authorities wishing to put an end to the execution of a public contract or public service delegation or, on the contrary, outsource a mission. These phases can be tricky and tricky for public figures.

CARNOT AVOCATS is available at each stage of the development of a change or the conduct of a public project to assist local authorities, including with a strategic view and a perception of economic and budgetary issues.

The tools offered are therefore assessed in terms of their legal certainty, their appropriateness and their adaptation to the situation apprehended with the client. All the information required and all the data necessary for the expression of the choice or the decision are delivered in a pleasant and readable format.

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