Construction law - Building law

Droit de la construction

A complex and technical field


Construction law is made up of a large number of legal rules, but also involves taking into account its practical aspect. This results in a complex and technical field where the intervention of lawyers with specific expertise is often necessary.
Between town planning law and real estate law, construction law constitutes a wide field and calls upon specific notions: work, completion, builder, subcontractor, guarantee of perfect completion, damage-work insurance, disorder , etc…
It obviously concerns the act of building, with all the issues that can be attached to this sensitive object, including the various existing guarantees.
This is a privileged sector for appraisal operations, requiring knowledge of the specific rules. CARNOT AVOCATS has real and regular experience in these particular procedures.
Construction law also regularly induces the implementation of insurance mechanisms. Our multidisciplinary approach, as well as the existence of a center of expertise in insurance law in the firm, therefore make it possible to fully meet these challenges.
It is also in tune with contract law, thus governing the different stages of the construction process.
CARNOT AVOCATS is committed to providing you with technical and human support thanks to its recognized expertise in this area.


35 years of expertise in construction law


CARNOT AVOCATS has benefited from a recognized practice in construction law for 35 years, having followed developments in this specific and technical legal field.

Our structure supports a varied clientele throughout the national territory: local authorities of all sizes, companies in the sector (developers, architects, builders, construction companies, design offices, etc.), individuals. This richness allows him to grasp the expectations specific to each one.

His practical knowledge of the field allows him to support and guide his clients by integrating all the issues.
The leading lawyers in this field (Serge DEYGAS, Bruno PERRACHON and Florestan ARNAUD) combine their own practices to implement appropriate solutions.

The firm CARNOT AVOCATS provides advice to support its clients in their construction projects. It ensures the legal certainty of these projects, taking care to integrate their operational dimension. In this sense, a good understanding of customer needs is a fundamental requirement for our teams.
Our structure can also draft the various contracts and clauses specific to construction law.

CARNOT AVOCATS also benefits from recognized expertise in litigation. He thus intervenes before the Civil Courts, the Administrative Courts and the Criminal Courts.

In all cases, CARNOT AVOCATS attaches particular importance to meeting the specific expectations of its clients and supporting them by doing everything possible to guarantee them the most suitable result.

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