Transport law

Droit des transports

CARNOT AVOCATS has long been a known and respected player in the field of transport law.

Bruno PERRACHON is in charge of this area of activity with the continuous concern to adapt to new management methods and new challenges.
Bruno PERRACHON has been involved in the field of transport law for more than thirty years for the economic actors concerned, renewing in particular through his involvement in university training the services offered.

Historically, CARNOT AVOCAT defends freight forwarders, authorized customs brokers, carriers and logistics providers. As litigation is generally managed by insurers, this matter has been developed in parallel.

CARNOT AVOCAT acts before all French courts for large international transport groups but also for smaller structures.
Obviously, in this area, borders have little meaning so that Bruno PERRACHON, in addition to his linguistic skills, benefits from the support of an international network of colleagues available to ensure the necessary representations.

Indeed, the firm also works for French and foreign clients in their international disputes: transport of course, but also international sales, commercial agents, collection and in general, actions in contractual liability.

Indeed, intervening in the field of transport law requires being ready to intervene in cases with an international vocation. With its network of lawyers in Europe built up over the years, CARNOT AVOCAT is able to follow up on its clients’ cases regardless of the location of the dispute and regardless of the regulations applicable to the dispute.

In addition to litigation, the drafting and proofreading of contracts related to transport and logistics are part of the consulting services offered by the firm.

In terms of advice, CARNOT AVOCAT guarantees legal certainty to its clients. With its experience in transport law, CARNOT AVOCAT is able to detect the legal risks with regard to the operation envisaged by the client.
Moreover, the CARNOT AVOCAT firm also takes care to integrate the economic imperatives of the planned operation. Thus, the firm CARNOT AVOCAT refines its analysis by giving its clients the different options open to them with each time, the corresponding degree of legal risk.
The thorough knowledge of the world of transport allows CARNOT AVOCATS to deliver a complete and honest analysis for the benefit of its clients.


Bruno PERRACHON therefore acts as a teacher in the field of transport law within a law faculty in Lyon.
In a constantly changing environment, it is necessary to always be trained in the latest developments, particularly in terms of legislation. Transmitting the best information is all the easier if we provide training for the actors of tomorrow.

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