A tool used by CARNOT AVOCATS teams at the service of its clients to resolve legal issues, but not only


Amicable method of settling disputes (ADR), mediation is a process that not only settles a legal question but also and above all resolves the more general difficulties that the parties may encounter during a conflict.
Very often when a client seizes the Judge, in addition to the question of law which arises and which it is sometimes necessary to make decide, other problems often buried or falling under the technique other than legal arise.
In this case, it is necessary to call on a neutral and independent third party, called a mediator.

The CARNOT AVOCATS team is sensitive to the complete resolution of the difficulties that its clients may encounter and does not content itself with responding only to legal problems. When necessary, the team will be able to guide her clients towards a complete amicable resolution rather than legal proceedings.


Several possible ways and periods for the use of mediation


Mediation can be used in all disputes and before all jurisdictions, whether before or during, and even after, for the execution of a decision that is difficult to implement.
The use of this amicable process has several advantages that the CARNOT AVOCATS team masters and which it advises usefully according to the expectations of each person and the case.

Mediation can:

– Allow faster resolution of conflicts and avoid procedural time
– Restore communication and the link with the opposing parties
– Find solutions in law but not only because sometimes practical and pragmatic methods can solve a conflict

Mediation is now fully integrated into French legislation, the CARNOT AVOCAT teams do not hesitate to offer it before a referral to the Court or during the procedure.


Often, it is the Judge who invites the parties to come together around a mediator. In all situations, the CARNOT AVOCATS team is trained to support its clients throughout the mediation process, during meetings, for negotiations but also for the drafting of transactional agreement.


Mediators among the CARNOT AVOCATS team


Convinced by the merits of mediation in certain cases, Maître DEYGAS has been a mediator for almost 10 years. He trained in mediation in 2012 by obtaining a qualification in “Inter-company” mediation at the end of a training course followed by the Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration of PARIS (CMAP), training which allows him to be a certified mediator with the Lyon Mediation and Arbitration Center (CIMA). He also co-chaired the Center for Amiable Justice of lawyers from the Bar of Lyon.

Sarah GNENO-GUEYDAN is also a mediator and referenced as such with the National Chamber of Mediation Practitioners.

Both are regularly appointed by Courts within the jurisdiction of the RHONE-ALPES Region, both by the judicial and administrative courts to practice as mediators.

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