Insurance law

Droit des assurances

The firm CARNOT AVOCATS intervenes very regularly in matters of transport law. As transport law litigation is generally managed by insurers, this matter has been developed in parallel.

Initially, Bruno PERRACHON, who is in charge of transport law, broadened the spectrum of his legal analysis towards insurance law. Over the years, between the increase in the sectors of intervention of the firm CARNOT AVOCATS and the development of insurance law in many sectors of activity, the firm CARNOT AVOCATS is today a complete and serious interlocutor in matters insurance law.

Intervening in support of the interests of insurance companies or against other insurance policies by policyholders, the firm CARNOT AVOCAT has extensive knowledge of the subject and this, in different fields of intervention: transport, construction, real estate or even medical.

Thus, the firm CARNOT AVOCATS is experienced in the exercise of expertise often carried out in the context of these files where the questions of liability and compensation for damages are decisive.
In addition to support for expertise, CARNOT AVOCATS ensures rigorous follow-up of cases during the litigation proceedings brought in these cases, regardless of the court seized.
The complementarity of the CARNOT AVOCATS firm’s teams allows it to intervene both before the judicial and administrative courts throughout the national territory.
Naturally, when an amicable solution is possible and a transaction is possible with insurance, CARNOT AVOCAT accompanies its clients in the context of alternative dispute resolution procedures in order to avoid wasting unnecessary time before the courts. and in cases that can often drag on forever.

Regardless of the contentious or amicable settlement of disputes in insurance law, CARNOT AVOCATS implements the most appropriate and effective response possible to meet the expectations of its clients.


In the end, the firm CARNOT AVOCATS has extensive, complete and serious expertise in matters of insurance law ranging from the observation of the accident to the final settlement of damages and this, in various fields and always involving the insurance law.

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