Urban planning law

Droit de l’urbanisme

A vast and complex field


Urban planning law is subject to numerous legal and technical rules. This framework requires precise knowledge of its content, as well as permanent updating.

CARNOT AVOCATS intervenes on all the issues of town planning law: the different uses of the land, the rules of constructability and development, as well as the mechanisms of land actions.

Town planning law induces the application of many specific standards and documents, in addition to the Town Planning Code: Territorial coherence schemes (SCOT), Local Town Planning Plans (PLU), communal maps, Mountain law, Coastline, remarkable heritage sites, …

It also concerns works, development and construction projects. As such, different planning permissions exist depending on the projects (prior declaration, building permit, development permit, demolition permit).

It also creates various land action mechanisms. We find here the subjects of land reserves, ZAC, preemptions, or even expropriation.
The field of urban planning can also present specificities specific to certain sectors, such as commercial urban planning for example.

Urban planning law is therefore a complex, technical and evolving law.

CARNOT AVOCATS is committed to providing you with technical and human support thanks to its recognized expertise in this area.


A proven specialization


CARNOT AVOCATS benefits from 35 years of experience in town planning law, having constantly followed developments in this constantly changing field.
Our structure supports a varied clientele throughout the national territory: local authorities of all sizes, companies in the sector, individuals. This richness allows him to grasp the issues specific to each.

Le cabinet CARNOT AVOCATS intervient en conseil pour accompagner les acteurs dans leurs projets, en veillant à les sécuriser juridiquement tout en intégrant les dimensions opérationnelles de ceux-ci. Nos équipes placent la compréhension des besoins de ses clients au centre de son intervention, pour bâtir des projets solides et viables.

The CARNOT AVOCATS firm provides advice to support players in their projects, ensuring that they are legally secure while integrating their operational dimensions. Our teams place the understanding of the needs of its clients at the center of its intervention, to build solid and viable projects.
This support is reflected both in the assistance of specific operations, and in questions on specific subjects, but also in the monitoring of complex and large-scale operations.
Our structure also carries out instruction and audit missions on requests submitted to municipalities.

CARNOT AVOCATS also benefits from recognized expertise in urban planning litigation, an area with numerous specific and derogatory rules. Our daily and ancient practice allows us to develop efficient strategies in accordance with the objectives of our clients.
We intervene in this capacity before the Administrative Courts, the Civil Courts and the Criminal Courts. However, we do not limit ourselves to the procedure alone, considering the strategies to be implemented in a more global way and using all the levers available.

In all cases, CARNOT AVOCATS attaches particular importance to meeting the precise expectations of its clients and supporting them by doing everything possible to guarantee them the most suitable result.
The lawyers responsible for this area of specialization are Serge DEYGAS and Florestan ARNAUD.


A shared experience


Anxious to transmit and maintain their knowledge, the CARNOT AVOCATS team provides its clients with training adapted to their needs. On the program, sharing of experience and reciprocal enrichment.

In addition to its publications in legal journals, the firm frequently provides training in this area, but can also create adapted and personalized training for its clients.

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