Public Service and Human Resources

Ressources humaines

Recognized and always in-depth expertise in public service with a loyal clientele


CARNOT AVOCATS has in-depth expertise in public service. Its origin: a marked interest in public sector players, their culture and their status.

With a clientele mainly made up of major public authorities in the Lyon and Rhône-Alpes region, CARNOT AVOCATS covers a very broad field of intervention in the field of the civil service: job openings, recruitment, career accidents, drafting of contracts, contractual terminations, organization of time or working conditions, change of assignment…so many examples which testify to constant curiosity and attention to the public world and to the various actors who bring it to life and are strength.

An overview of the public service to deliver the most appropriate advice


From simple statutory advice to the monitoring of a disciplinary procedure, including the negotiation of voluntary departure or the management of social crises, CARNOT AVOCATS therefore knows how to anticipate risks in order to offer the best possible legal certainty to its clients.

Beyond assistance and advice, the firm CARNOT AVOCATS regularly intervenes for its clients before the administrative courts and is thus fully aware of the need to provide them with appropriate and prudent advice to avoid litigation pitfalls and conduct proceedings with the concern for the concrete end result and its impact.
In addition to the legal aspect, the firm CARNOT AVOCATS provides its clients with a response that is always personalized and adapted to the requirements of human resources. Crisis management and delicate negotiations are among the areas handled by CARNOT AVOCATS.

Through its long experience in the public service, CARNOT AVOCATS is able to intervene not only to defend the interests of local public authorities who place their trust in it, but also to defend the interests of public officials who sometimes find themselves helpless with regard to the richness but also the complexity of the statutes.
Its involvement in social dialogue, in the organization of professional elections, in the expression of representative organizations makes it an enlightened partner for HRDs.


The permanent requirement to work in consideration of the values of public service and their importance for agents.


Human resources for CARNOT AVOCATS is not an empty expression or a legal classification. If CARNOT AVOCATS intervenes in the field of the public service, it is also with the requirement to respect values that are close to its heart, namely: proximity, flexibility, humanity and responsiveness.

Proximity to customers to always listen to them, understand their needs, dissipate their concerns while delivering frank and informed advice.

Flexibility to adapt in particular to the particular situation of each client in each of his files.

Humanity, because without it, human resources would only be an economic variable when there is always a human existence at the heart of any problem.

Responsiveness to never leave a client unanswered in the face of sometimes urgent human resources issues.


The firm CARNOT AVOCAT expertise renewed daily in permanent contact with the public service


The lawyers in charge of this area of expertise, Jean-Bernard PROUVEZ, Myriam REY and Jean-Noel LITZLER are daily confronted with human resources issues in the public world. All three are interlocutors of the HR departments beyond litigation needs by leading training, by formulating opinions, very simply, by exchanging.

Our referral lawyers in this area

Jean-Bernard PROUVEZ


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