Medical liability

Responsabilité médicale

35 years of forging and passing on expertise


Since its creation, CARNOT AVOCATS has been the reference firm in the Rhône Alpes region of a French mutual insurance company which intervenes to insure and manage the risks of public and private health establishments. As such, it is an experience of monitoring and support on more than 1,500 cases that has been forged and which is transmitted from generation of lawyers to another.

Referral, expertise, litigation before the administrative or judicial courts, procedures conducted before the CCI: there is no unknown legal remedy in medical matters for CARNOT AVOCATS.


35 years of mastering the defense from expertise to the final presentation of arguments


On the strength of this faithful link in terms of medical liability, the CARNOT AVOCATS team supports the defense of the interests of its clients from the initial phase of analysis of the situation and expertise. His knowledge of medical issues, nosocomial infections, fault, defective products, makes him a serious interlocutor who does not limit himself to considering cases from a legal angle only. There is no world of doctors and lawyers: the files require a constructive dialogue in order to be better then presented to the final interlocutor who will ensure the settlement.


35 years of building a culture of openness to medical issues and mastering vocabulary and concepts


Intellectual curiosity, knowledge of vocabulary and the attention paid to medical aspects allow the members of the CARNOT AVOCATS firm to be invested and available interlocutors who do not hide in their jargon or the alleged legal technicality. Always present alongside health actors, lawyers learn through this contact and develop their ability to listen and understand issues, including scientific or technical. Recommendations from Learned Societies, good practice, conferences of experts or consensus, the medical literature so important in the files is mastered after explanation of the clients for a real common path and a fine understanding of the situations.


35 years of supporting and training actors in the world of health and remaining attentive to its evolution


The lawyers in charge of this area of expertise, Serge DEYGAS and Jean-Bernard PROUVEZ still work directly with health structures, in particular to train their staff in risk management and the resulting liability issues. Their participation is either in the initial training diplomas, Jean MOULIN University, or in the continuing education diplomas, Institute of Health Managers or Faculties of Medicine. An approach that allows legal monitoring and constant attention to developments in public health in France. This includes, thanks to versatile training courses open to the economy, the understanding of strategic and financial issues.


35 years of guaranteeing the technical quality of services and attention to the necessarily evolving needs of customers.

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